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Thursday, 22 January 2009

S-Pulse v Jubilo - SDT Cup 2009

Announced last week was the latest instalment of the SDT Cup. In pre-season 2007 we played out a cracker against Marinos, which culminated in a 5-4 penalty win for us and an all-important SDT Cup crown. Next month, Saturday 21st at 1.30pm, Jubilo will be coming over to get soundly beaten by our team of young guns and experienced stars.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday (24th) and are available from the usual places. You can get your hands on some at any of the various S-Pulse shops, at convenience stores all over the country and, of course, at the ground on the day. Behind the goal is a knock-down 2000 yen, with anywhere in the side stands a cheaper-then-usual 3000 yen. Lawson code: 43129 Ticket Pia code: 813-436

For many of us, any game to bridge the gap before the start of the new season is welcomed with open arms. Me, Fuz and many others will be there without fail, but some may dismiss this as just a friendly and be tempted to give it a miss. For those wavering, consider not only the chance to see some of our new acquisitions in action for the first time, but also remember the opponents. We have no bigger game each season than that against Iwata, so a bonus derby should never be passed up!

My own personal enthusiasm for this one was substantially heightened today having read the gut-wrenching, heartbreaking climax to Jonathan Birchall's Ultra Nippon. Now out of print, the book is the story of the London-born West Ham fan who followed our heroes for a year in 1999. He details with excruciating detail that night at 'Daira when we fell at the very last hurdle in our quest for a J. League title. As we know, it was Jubilo who took the title on penalties, and we were bridesmaids yet again.

This book was published way back in 2000 and paints a picture of a J. League in some ways unrecognisable to that of today. There are some great insights into our club back when Steve Perryman ruled the roost, and seeing how the then-rookies and then-veterans have faired in the last eight seasons makes for fascinating reading.

While not without it's faults, (not least, the utterly unforgivable decision to run with Jubilo fans on the cover), it's well worth a read. If nothing else, in these long, football-less weeks, it will remind you just who the enemy is, and why we should grab every opportunity to assert our Shizuoka supremacy. So, I'll see you down 'Daira next month, then? :)


Mike Tuckerman said...

For the life of me, I will never understand why there is a photo of a Jubilo fan on the cover!

Shizuoka Dolphin said...

The mind boggles how, after calling them "evil Jubilo" throughout the entire book, the author would then allow Jubilo to soil the cover...

Anonymous said...

Fair point. It was all a matter of chance. My friend Brian Anderson took the photos (for free). And the bald headed Jubilo oendan leader just had a certain style. Gomen nasai. Thanks for kind words about the book...and glad to see that S-Pulse is still weaving its magic. Keep up with the blog! Jonathan Birchall

Barry said...

Hi Jonathan, and thank you for dropping by! Looking back, I was a bit extreme in my choice of words. Utterly unforgivable? Man, I sound like a jerk. :-D It's a good picture, and has dated well. I would have prefered an orange cover, but can understand why you went with that shot.

Your book is still well known among the veterans behind the goal, and I always give it a plug when the chance arises. Maybe I'll attempt to pen a +12 year second edition one day!

Forza S-Pulse!