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Monday, 21 July 2008

That's more like it lads...

Finally, a day at the footie to relax and enjoy! The only times Shizza and I were troubled yesterday was before the match as we groaned through the line up. Why was Omae nowhere to be seen, not even on the bench? Why do we always have Oka-chan on the bench and never at the start, despite his obvious ability? And oh God, Marcos Paulo's in the starting line-up. For a moment, it seemed like Kenta really would be on his way out.

But we should know better than to doubt the Mighty Pulse. Although the above questions still stand, it was a solid S-Pulse performance and Albirex never looked anywhere near good enough to beat us - and that was just the pre-match pro-evolution game shown on the big screen! Watching that before the actual match, we joked about how a 3-1 victory would be awesome after recent form - and then the lads went one better and brought us a well deserved 3-0, and the other magic 3 - points!

Nishizawa will undoubtedly be happy with his double, as will Kazumichi for his shot off the corner. Even Paulo managed a decent game, although I would like to see him do more. I was very happy when Okazaki came on later in the second half and although he didn't manage to get a goal (well, 3-0 is nice, but we wouldn't have complained about 4) he did look good - and I'm not just talking about his body! (Ok, I might have a wee bit of a crush on Okazaki, but that's allowed right?)

It was a mad drunken day and night for all at the 'Daira last night, with Shizza's big bro in town to share the joy. ロコロコ was as good as ever, and as always the back of my legs are battered from being whacked off the chairs. I bruise so easily my co-workers now check my calves to see whether Shimizu won the day before - if there is nothing there, they know better than to mention the game to me. Hopefully the rest of the season will bring lots more shades of purple and blue, continuing with Omiya on Sunday. Shizza, I and a good few other UK Ultras are heading up to cheer on the Orange Soldiers - and boys, its my birthday, so another three points would be the best present a girl could have - short of Okazaki wrapped up with a big orange ribbon, that is!



SMB said...

Are you folks headed up to Omiya for the game on Sunday? If so, PM me on Matsu's board and we will find a way to meet if you'd like. It's kind of a small tradition with us to meet supporters from other teams who reside in the blogosphere.

Steve from Soilent Green

NipponBasse said...

good game, and with a win next round you could climb as high as 11th! Although you scored 3 goals this round, none of your strikers really impress me. Nishizawa were good for Cerezo 5 years ago, not now. Okazaki...umm, he does one or two good things now and then, but he doesn't strike me as a forward that could shoot you higher up on the table. Yajima is mediocre as well. But either way, glad to see Shimizu win matches :) Let's hope Jubilo continues their bad form, and even better, get relegated:)

Fuz said...

Oka-chan isn't mediocre, he just doesn't get out enough (although I may be biased).

Indeed, Shimizu will win and keep winning, even further than 11th place! I believe, Shizza believes, collectively, the UK Ultras believe.

And as for Jubilo, folks keep telling me I should stick with all the Shizuoka teams, but it ain't ever gonna happen. Hope they lose lots, but if they got relegated it would be sad... no opportunity to destroy them next year!

SMB said...

Sorry I missed the e-mail and didn't get a chance to contact you guys. Nice turnout and support from your group. Sorry about the tackle on Jungo, that was ugly to say the least. Wet pitch and a slow thinking player....yikes. I hope the early reports aren't true and he comes back this season but it didn't look good.

Anyhow, hope you guys have dried off!

Maybe I'll come down for the Verdy game. No Omiya games on that day.

Steve from Soilent Green