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Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Slide to J2 Continues


Not having seen the game, not having seen the stats, and not yet having spoken to anyone who was there, I've just had the Mixi S-Pa community message board to go on (and it ain't pretty!). It's far from a satisfactory way to report on a game, so I'm not going to attempt anything other than most cursory overview of tonight's capitulation.

To lose to another 88th minute goal is embarrassing, frustrating and worse than that, leaves us one point from the relegation zone with half the season played. Is this really the difference Jae-Jin made to our team? Were we really that much of a one man team? The obvious answer is no - minus the lanky Korean, we're effectively the same team as last year - a squad still swimming in young talent. The acquisition of Honda and Omae only added to that, so where it's all going wrong is something which needs fixing, and quick. The utterly inexplicable loss of Fernandinho last month is playing no small part in our recent poor form, of that I'm certain.

Before I wrote the preview to this game, I didn't believe Kenta's position would really come under pressure, but questions are now being asked, not least on Mixi, and we need answers in the form of points. Starting Sunday at home to Niigata, a revival is now CRUCIAL. Who'd have thought after finishing 4th in 2006 and 2007 that we'd be down there in the relegation battle? But there we are. Who fancies a Thursday night trip to Mito Hollyhock or Tokushima Vortis next year?



Fuz said...

Oh dear. I knew losing Ferny would change the team, but really, this is shocking. And soon our "young talent" are pissing off to the Olympics. Its nice to see them chosen and all that, but it couldn't be worse timing.

Roll on Sunday and a win!

Yojimbo said...

Seriously, you guys didn't play that badly, after we dominated the opening 15 or so you were probably the better team for the rest of the half. The second half however... I still think Shimizu are too good to go down, but i thought that about Hiroshima last year, you guys must have some spare cash lying aroung somewhere for a striker? Also, Jungo needs to step up.

Shizuoka Dolphin said...


Innit. I'd have Honda starting ahead of Marcos Paulo any day of the week. It took him have the season to even make the starting 11!


Thanks for the comment and welcome to the site! I was enjoying your post right up until the "but I thought that about Hiroshima" part... :-D

Kenta again stressed how we're under performing - Yes mate, we can see that! And if things don't turn around soon we'll be staring down the barrel of J2 fairly soon! To be fair, Jungo's really been working hard this year. I think he's desperate to get back in the national team. Why he didn't start the game yesterday, well you'd have to ask Kenta that.

Fuz said...

Marcos Paulo = waste of space.

I like Jungo, but if he doesn't get played from the start, what can he do? It's like bringing on Oka-chan with 15 minutes to go and everyone singing "get the goal" - well, put him on earlier and give him more of a chance!!!

And Yojimbo, hallo. At least you would've been happy with the result!

Mike Tuckerman said...

I was there. Bit unlucky.

Keisuke Iwashita is an interesting player. For five minutes he'll look like a world beater, but then he's usually the one holding his head in his hands because the player he was supposed to be marking has just raced away to score the winning goal.

Interesting to note we got JEF United at Nihondaira in the 4th Round of the Cup on November 2.