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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Sapporo 2-2 S-Pa

Sapporo 2-2 S-Pa
Davi (29) Nishizawa (12)
Ikeuchi (75) Paulo (44)

Att: 10282

And this is why this season, in the league at least, is a write off. Not being able to hold on to a lead against 2nd rate relegation fodder like Sapporo, and in the end almost being lucky to get away with a point, is why we're not going to finish anywhere above midtable at best.

More of a report when the red mist has evaporated. At present I can't see any positives to take from today's awful result, so I'm not going to comment until I've been able to put it in some kind of perspective. Or till I've had the chance to get really drunk.

Match Highlights: