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Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Barry Barry writes  

Just three days to go before the home kick off against Yokohama F. Marinos, and tickets are selling fast. Got yours yet?

Our recent opening weekends have been away from home, and it has in the past been partly down to the Sumpu Half Marathon being held the first Sunday of March each year. Well, so it was on this Sunday just gone, and was the reason I wasn't up in Saitama the previous afternoon.

 A well earned pint
After football, I love a good run, and Sunday was a good one. My third half marathon and a new PB. Wearing the orange meant a lot of love from the hundreds of people lining the route. I managed to pass fans of Urawa, Kawasaki, Omiya, FC Tokyo, and there was even a Machida Zelvia shirt out there. An honourable mention must go the yellow of Watford, but bizarrely, no Iwata shirts were seen. 

Beer rarely tastes better than when earned, but a close second is in the warm spring sunshine up Nihondaira. This Saturday you can toast S-Pulse with some Shimizu branded Sapporo beer. On sale throughout Shizuoka prefecture, and in demand as far away as J. Soccer Towers in Kobe, where this batch is headed.


Tichmall said...

Woah, I'd like a Sapporo S-Pulse beer. That must be the best on the market !

I see you made some stock, ha !

I didn't know people liked to wear J.League shirts while running a marathon. Good promotion for the league !

Barry said...

I know what I'll be drinking on Saturday. :)

As for the marathon, out of the thousands of runners only a handful wear football shirts, but there were definitely a few out out there! Being Shizuoka, I counted six S-Pulse shirts, including one fan in a pair of Palchal ears. :)

Tichmall said...

Well, even if it was in Shizuoka, I always heard that Pal-chan was one of the most popular mascots in Japanese football. I wonder if that's true.

Anyway, do Iwata fans wear false beaks ?

Barry said...

I hear that a lot too, but being in Shizuoka I don't how genuinely true it is, either.

He did put a book out with Grampuskun though, who is genuinely one of the most popular mascots, so maybe he is!