Sunday, 24 March 2013

Iwata 5-1 S-Pulse (Nab Cup Group Stage)

Barry Barry writes  

Iwata 5-1 S-Pulse
6, 21, 69 ------------- Ishige 86
75, 90

Yamaha Stadium
Att 10690

Line Up

GK Takahara

DF Kawai
DF Hiraoka
DF Inukai
DF Yoshida

MF Muramatsu
MF Lee Min-Soo (5)
MF Hattanda

FW Bare
FW Ishige

Subs used

Senuma on for Kawai (58)
Takagi on for Uchida (66)
Jong a Pin on for Hattanda (80)


Crap stadium. Crap performance. Crap home fans. Crap defending. Crap service station on the way back to Shizuoka. An all round complete crapper of a day.
The Yamaha Stadium

Almost as infuriating as our capitulation was the way the home fans barely seemed bothered. When we beat them by the same scoreline in 2009, there was a party on the terrace with 20 minutes still to go. We kachiloko'd, beer was flying around, we sang their victory song, and generally rubbed their noses in it. Yesterday? Nothing.

So maybe it was only the league cup, but it somehow annoyed me more that they didn't revel in a big derby win. That was left to my Iwata supporting brother (Why does he like Jubilo? In short, he's a twat) who pasted my Facebook full of sky blue nastiness. Something they did do was after each goal move their arms up and down repeatedly in mass banzai-type celebration. It somehow reminded me of the Time Warp, and was equally as camp.

Tickets went on sale today for the home league derby. Saturday, April 13th. 5pm. Payback time. Stay positive, people!!


Well, Ishige's freekick was quite good I suppose. Apart from that, pure suicidal defending.


Tichmall said...

Watched the game. When will our defense stop being placed in the central circle of the field ? It's way too high and we always are being tricked by counter attacks. It's annoying.

Barry said...

Chasing the game, the youngsters pressed way too far up, didn't they. Aaaagh.