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Sunday, 28 October 2012

This Saturday

What it's all about.


Roon said...

Good luck in the cup final and for the run home - From Brisbane - your brothers in orange. Gambate!

Joao said...

Hey, Barry. Looking forward to it. Let's go S-pulse.

Barry said...

Thanks Roon! A trophy this weekend could change our world.

Joao, yep, me too! Very nervous but it can7t come soon enough!

Tichmall said...

It better be broadcasted on the internets !

I had a hard time watching some of the earlier Nabisco games. I guess it won't be the same story for the finals. I'll just be in front of my PC with my scarf, screaming on every single shot. :p

A trophy will definitely change my world !

Barry said...

I know it will be on regular free TV over here, so hopefully it should be available somewhere online as well. I'll be tweeting live from the stadium as much as I can, but mainly focusing on the game.

Really can't wait!