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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kashima Antlers 1-2 Shimizu S-Pulse

Barry Barry writes 

Kashima Antlers 1-2 Shimizu S-Pulse
Iwamasa 43 ---------------------------------------- Kim 7
---------------------------------------------------------- Omae 44

Att 14125

Line Up

GK Hayashi

DF Yoshida (36)
DF Hiraoka
DF Lee (82)

MF Murayama
MF Sugiyama
MF Hattanda

FW Kawai
FW Ishige
FW Kim (96)
FW Omae

Subs Used

Kobayashi on for Yoshida (63)
Senuma on for Hattanda (76)
Jong-a-Pin on for Ishige (87)

Report - Deer Hunting

Yesterday I was being dragged around an aquarium with the other half, so no report of any substance, I'm afraid. I was stealthly checking the scores over the course of the day though, and as Hiroshima, Sendai and Urawa all dropped more points, we went into our early evening game with Kashima with everything to play for.

We started with defensive stalwart Jong-a-Pin on the bench, presumably just to rest him ahead of next week's cup final. He's been one of our best performers over the course of the season and we'll need him in perfect condition on Saturday. He came on for the closing stages to help keep the home team frustrated.

Our versatile line up included Hattanda and newcomer Senuma also made an appearance for the last 20 minutes. Kim showed a touch of class to get our first, and Omae got his 12th of the season to place him third in the top scorer list.

This season has been a real journey with the varied exits of Ono, Brosque, Jymmy, Edamura and Iwashita, but our squad has risen to the occasion superbly. A unified fighting unit, and I have every confidence that next week they'll bring the first silverware for a decade back to Shimizu.



And follow this link for more extended highlights. The video starts around 20 seconds. Finally, check out this video of some home fans, presumably upset at how bad their season is going, decide to lean over (but not climb over - wonder why?) the separating barrier between us and them and dish out some abuse.

Firstly, your anger is probably best directed at your team. Secondly, where was the security? ONE MAN in blue doing next to nothing. Had we not been so happy after the win, it could easily have turned nasty. Finally, try that in most any other country and you'd have got beaten shitless. Pathetic and pointless, and going to lead to a fine for Kashima. I'd say ban them, but that'd be doing them a favour. :)


Tichmall said...

After this game, I'm not that confident for the Cup Finals. We won, but the second half was basically Kashima attacking and Shimizu's defense avoiding the goal at the very last moment, during 45 minutes.

I don't think we can handle this situation twice, so we better get a two goals advantage before even thinking about waiting for them in our side of the field...

Barry said...

I didn't see this game, but when we played them at home earlier in the year we were the better team and deserved winners.

Saturday Jong-a-Pin will be back and Kashima will have a much harder time with him in. Neutral ground, more S-Pulse fans than Kashima... I reckon we'll take them. But scoring first is important.