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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ishige to Man City! Kind of

Barry Barry writes 

Some wild reports were flying around this morning on what I've since learnt is the not-to-be-trusted Sponichi "news" website. They claimed our Hideki Ishige was being sized up for a £3 million bid from the Premier League champions, and immensely wealthy, Manchester City.

While incorrect, the reports carried a grain of truth in that Ishige will be off to Manchester at the end of the J. League season, but to join City's training for a spell.

Word from the club is that with the young star's future development in mind, this is an opportunity for him to learn and grow at the highest level. As for a transfer, that isn't currently on the agenda. And probably rightly so. He's still a kid, but with massive potential to play at the top of the game, and there's no need to rush into a transfer abroad.

Huge opportunity for him - good luck Ishige!