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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kiyotaka Miyoshi Signs

Barry Barry writes 

Some fascinating news today, as we captured the 27 year old defender Kiyotaka Miyoshi. Fascinating because the 180cm right footed full back has been living in South America since graduating from Asia University in 2008.

A year in Argentina with Estudiantes, and two seasons across the border in Uruguay at Boston River means he must have some good experience dealing with big, strong attackers. Some strength and depth for the defensive line. He'll take the number 36 and I'm looking forward to seeing how he fits in.


Yuri Paretski said...

Hello Barry from Russia.
Please answer me on email: fanzines@mail.ru i have some question for you.

Joao said...

Hi Barry.

Can you please enlighten me about Ono's situation. He is injured, right? How serious is it?

Barry said...

Hi Joao,

Ono was out with another injury last month, but just when he was ready to come back he came down with a virus. He returned to training this week so is just getting back to full fitness. Once 100% he'll be back in the team.

Barry said...

Hi Yuri,

Thanks for your message. I've just sent you an email. :)


Anonymous said...

I want to see Miyoshi playing on next match!!!! at least more than half an hour!