Thursday, 9 August 2012


FuzFuz writes:
Bloody hell! What a game that was.I don't get to many games at all these days what with work, the fam and living in Gifu, but am I glad I went last night. More fool you, Barry, for not coming!

The first half we were by far the better team and I felt like it was just a matter of time waiting for a goal. I was a happy bunny when Brosque scored just before half time, and was sure we would hold a lead - especially when Taguchi missed a sitter.

As soon as we came back on it was obvious our lead had giving Grampus a kick up the arse and they were going for it. Tulio managed to equalise after his earlier offside attempt and I started to get antsy. We hadn't beat Grampus in a while and it was about time we rose to it. Jymmy Franca had a great shot before he managed to get it in - and nicely done it was too. At this point I really thought we had it in the bag, and was yelling for one more to put a lid on it - and one more goal came, but not from where I wanted.

3-2 to Grampus with five minutes to go and we needed two goals to come back. My mates, just over from Scotland for a week break looked at me and I said, "nah, it'll be alright. We came back the other week and we'll come back tonight".

Never truer words spoken. Less than a minute later, we had one in the back of the net thanks to Senuma and the orange end erupted. Hope renewed, we KNEW we could do it. Additional time 4 minutes.

 Come on!!!

Come on we did.

Toshiyuki managed to get it in, and we all went crazy. Beautiful! What a beautiful game football is! The remaining time seemed to go on forever, and Grampus tried to claw it back. I was fidgeting like a mad man praying for the final whistle and was so relieved when it was finally all over.

Wonderful. Brilliant. Amazing! What a fan-fucking-tastic game. Unlike Bazzer I wasn't prepared to concede; I thought we were by far the better team in the first half and we held it together in the second, even when the odds were against us.

We play Nagoya again on Saturday at home. I REALLY want to go!!

I love you Shimizu!

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Yujiro said...

I love Shimizu,too!!