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Monday, 13 August 2012

Kim Hyun-Sung to S-Pulse?

Barry Barry writes 

If you follow us on Twitter you'll already know this, but according to a news report coming out of Korea, our much anticipated new signing is South Korean striker, Kim Hyun-Sung. The 186cm 22 year old bronze medal winning Olympian (apologies to our Japanese readers for mentioning that) is reported to have signed  on a six month loan deal.

Kim is joining us from FC Seoul, although he played the last season on loan at Daegu FC, where he played in all but four matches and scored 8 goals. He has made seven appearances for the U23 South Korea team and has scored four goals on that stage.

I can see him banging in Lee's pin point crosses already... Official announcement to come as soon as it's made.

Ooh, one other thing I just learnt. Shimizu S-Pulse in hangul is:

미즈 S-펄스



Tichmall said...

To be honest I created a t-shirt celebrating Jymmy's first goal because it was such an exceptional event... I hope we get a more efficient forward to replace him.. and also stop sending all the team on loan.

Barry said...

haha - you could probably sell quite a few of those to S-Pulse fans! The new striker seems like a good prospect. Looking forward to seeing him!

Tichmall said...

You know, I just looked at the Wikipedia page of Shimizu in Korean, and there it's written : 시미즈 에스펄스, no "S" at all... that's weird.

That's me who made the uniforms for the Wikipedia page in English and in Japanese, but they also used them on the Korean page after all, he he. :p

Barry said...

Ha, so it is! No idea though. My hangul ability extends to no more than copying and pasting. ;)

Top work on the uniforms, by the way. Very nice work.