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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Show Your Support - Join the 20th Anniversary Mosaic!

Barry Barry writes

S-Pulse are currently putting together a vast mosaic to be unveiled at Nihondaira for the Kawasaki Frontale match, July 7th. Our first ever game was July 4th 1992, so this is planned to be centrepiece of our 20th anniversary celebrations.

The theme is S-Pulse Family, and is intended to reflect our huge spectrum of supporters. I've got my picture on there, so what are you waiting for? Let's show the club the face of Shimizu fans around the world!

The official site only has Japanese support, which isn't much use to orange maniacs on foreign shores who don't read kanji. Well that's what we're here for, right? Follow the directions below and you too can be a part of it all.

First, click here and you'll see the following submission screen:

Fill it in as directed and hit submit. On the next confirmation screen they'll be two big buttons. Click the one on the right, and it's job done. There is no limit to the number you can send in.

If your picture is OK (remember - it must be of a person or people and less than 1MB) then you'll shortly get an email confirmation. A couple of lines down you'll see a line with:

あなたの検索ID: 000000

Where the six zeros are will be your personal ID number. If you then click here you'll see this screen:

Put your six digit ID in the box and hit the button next to it. You'll then see your smiling face captured for all time among  thousands of other S-Pulse fans. Simple. Be aware that they check each picture for suitability so may take a little while for yours to show up. Mine took two days.

The deadline is June 3rd! Don't hang around or you may end up disappointed!

Even if you're overseas, if you're an S-Pulse fan you can still make your mark on our 20th anniversary celebrations.