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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

AKB Who? Nogizaka46 to Perform at the Derby

Barry Barry writes

OK, so I know it isn't the all conquering QUEENS of Japanese idol groups, but what are you gonna do? On Saturday, due on pitch an hour before kick off, are the new kids on the block, Nogizaka46.

16 of the 46 strong collective will be performing a show to help warm our cockles on what's looking like a third rainy day out of three so far this year.

The 16 include Mai Fukuzawa, who hails (poor girl), from Iwata of all places, and Yumi Wakatsuki, from 20 minutes down the road in the S-Pulse stronghold of Fuji. Expect fireworks between the two! Maybe.

Nogizaka46 may be the official rivals to J. Pop royalty AKB48, but they're gonna have to go some yet to claim that flowery crown.

Lovely stuff.