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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Derby Special Guest - Cho Jae-Jin

Barry Barry writes

This Saturday we'll be having S-Pulse old boy, and not to mention derby hero, Cho Jae-Jin dropping by.

The former Korean international spent four years with us from 2004 and bagged 45 goals in orange. Not least this timely little beauty in 2007.

93:53. By far the most mental I've gone at ANY derby since I've been in Japan. 

Not to mention the two he put in at a packed Nihondaira earlier in the year to beat the scum 2-1. The man is a modern derby legend, and it'll be great to welcome him back.


João said...

Finished his career at 28... Didn't know him; Nice record though.
How was his reception?

Barry said...

Only through injury did he have to quit. :( He got a great welcome back and he clearly enjoyed treading the Nihondaira pitch again. Topped off the day perfectly. :)