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Sunday, 18 March 2012

S-Pulse 2-1 Hiroshima

Barry Barry writes

S-Pulse 2-1 Hiroshima 
Brosque 9 ----------------- Chiba 87
Takagi 51

Att. 13231

Line Up

GK Hayashi

DF Yoshida
DF Iwashita (63)
DF Jong a Pin (70)
DF Lee (83)

MF Muramatsu (40)
MF Ono
MF Kawai
MF Takagi

FW Brosque (62)
FW Omae

Subs Used

Takahara on for Ono (59)
Kobayashi on for Kawai (77)
Franca on for Takagi (86)


Horrible weather. Really, really horrible weather. But the first 20 minutes went some way to warming us up. We started great and Hiroshima didn't get a sniff for a lot of the first half. It only took ten minutes for the possession and pressure to pay off. Brosque, running back onside from a previous attack was in the fortuitous position of being able to slot home a rebounded save from Takagi's effort.

We coped much better with the slippery conditions than the visitors, and with Ono's midfield marshalling and Omae's creativity we were the far more threatening.

We had the same back four as last week. Lee, Jong a Pin, Iwashita and Yoshida. Ota is not so far being missed. Lee tired as the game went on, but he's proving a good signing. As is Yoshida. He showed moments of real class in defence, and both him and Lee are very industrious in pressing up field. Iwashita was solid, and Jong a Pin was a very big presence. I'm liking him as centre back. Liking him a lot.

Shortly after the break, Takagi worked himself free and was on hand to steer home Genki's cross that neither the defenders nor Brosque connected with. Omae's stampeding run forward went undealt with by Sanfrecce, and his ball into the danger zone was picked up by Toshiyuki. It was far from an easy job to put it home, being closed down as he was by three defenders, but twinkle toes kept his nerve and doubled the lead from the edge of the area.

The last twenty minutes were mostly Hiroshima's as they pushed to try and get back in the game, but Kobayashi's introduction helped steady the ship. Despite that, and despite Hayashi at one point denying Sanfrecce with a stunning save to push the ball round for a corner, they found the net with 3 minutes to go. It set up a nervy end, but we closed out the game without Hiroshima going close to equalising.

A crucial result bouncing back from last week's not especially deserved defeat. Away to the champions next week will be a whole different test. That said, in Saitama yesterday Kashiwa were the victims of a giant killing losing to last season's 15th placed weaklings Urawa, so their confidence must have taken a harsh knock. It's as good a time to play them as any, and if we can keep it organised there's no reason we can't get a result. Looking forward to it!

Jymmy Franca comes on for the last few minutes

While I'm here, here's a link to all the J1 goals from yesterday in not especially high quality. Hey, it's free. :)


Brosque's opener (personal cam).

Takagi's goal in slow motion.


shadows said...

one of the better games i've seen us play..come to think of it , i never thought they were going to score ever since we got off to that very good start!!! if we control our long balls which dont really serve any purpose considering all the short men at the top, we would be even better!!

And Yoshida really really good!! i like his defense . He's very solid! What did you think Barry?

Barry said...

The first 20 minutes were a joy to watch. Hiroshima dug in a bit after that, but we're showing real organisation and promise this season so far.

Yoshida - what a talent! Really impressing me. Apparently he'd always wanted to play for S-Pulse, so he must really be in the zone right now.

shadows said...

so the game @ Kashiwa Barry? or is it on free tv?

Amir said...

One mistake: Now, Takagi went out two times in your report. Maybe, one of them should be Kawai?
And also the first goal was from a rebounded save from Takagi or Kawai? J league official site said it was Kawai
Anyway, congratulations for the win in that rainy and tough condition:)

Barry said...


Sorry - slow response! I'm not going to Kashiwa on Saturday, but the game is on BS1 for free if you have a dish. So I'll probably watch from home.


Whoopps - thanks for that! I did the team listing on Saturday night after a few beers, so made a mistake there. I've corrected it now.

Will double check the rebound. From where I was I thought it was Takagi, but then it was down the other end of the pitch.

Amir said...

As you wrote that Kasiwa-Shimizu is on NHK BS1, I just remembered that one of Afshin's fans asked me whether Shimizu's games broadcast on a satellite TV and we in Iran can watch them or not. Could you please answer him?

Barry said...


As far as I know games aren't broadcast abroad. J. League doesn't market itself abroad very well. :(

You can *sometimes* find streams online on sites like Justin TV, but these are not certain.

Amir said...

Thanks. So you meant that even BS1 and Kashiwa-Shimizu can be seen just in Japan?

Barry said...

Aaah, sorry, yes. I see what you were asking before.

You need a dish to watch it, but NHK BS1 is a free domestic digital channel. It's not broadcast abroad. :(

Amir said...

Barry! I've done some research! Fortunately Kashiwa-Shimizu broadcast by Aljazeerasport 9 in all the world. It's not free, but some of my friends in Iran can see it.
And the game also broadcast in Eurpoe by Eurosport 2 for free!

João said...

That's great, Amir. Hopefully Eurosport broadcasts it in my country too.

Amir said...

As far as I know this is so, hopefully I haven't made a mistake.
Here, it is said that Eurosport 2 is available in 47 countries, I hope your country is among them:)

João said...

Yes. You're right, Amir, thank you. I went to check Eurosport's schedule and there it was, Saturday, 11 AM, Kashiwa - Shimizu.

I will finally get to see a Shimizu game far away from the choppy-video-stream world.

While we're at it, I'd rather see Nihondaira Sports Stadium on my TV, though, but one can only wish so much.

Barry said...

Amir - thank you for the research! That's some top work. :) I tweeted your information.

Very good news to hear S-Pulse are on Eurosport as well. I'll be trying to get my friends to watch it. :))