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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Leandro Domingues Spitting at Lee

Barry Barry writes

Not the best video of it yet, but clearly visible is Lee Ki-Je's shocked reaction at getting gratuitously gobbed on by Kashiwa's Leandro Domingues.

Blink and you miss it, so here you go.

Lee: "srsly m8, wtf?!"

He was a real nasty piece of work yesterday with non stop whining at officials and snidely little digs at our players. This is just the icing on the cake.


Nerdy said...

It`s a poor effort really....El Hadj Diouf`d have drowned him from that range.

Amir said...

One question: I've just read that "(Gamba's) Supporter representatives were also called in after yesterday's loss to Jubilo Iwata and asked to tone down their negativity."
Could you tell me how these supporters representatives were elected? By an election between all the supporters of a team?

Barry said...


At S-Pulse there are several supporter "groups" which are like private fan clubs. These work together with the club on things like choreographed displays or financing giant flags.

Some smaller groups' leaders are just because he or she was the one who made the group. The bigger ones are more organised and leaders are decided in a vote by its members.

I guess it's the same situation at Gamba and it was representatives of those groups who were asked inside.

shadows said...

damn ..Jubilo won again....they are in 3rd now....
This is totally disappointing and unacceptable....hope they start their spectacular fall to the relegation zone soon :D

Barry said...

It won't last. They've beaten Sagan Tosu, the uber crap Gamba and drew with Sapporo.

We beat Hiroshima and lost to the 2011 and 2010 champion winning teams. Give it a month and the table will start taking on meaning (ie: us above them).

Amir/Iran said...

Guess what Barry! It seems that Eurosport2 and Aljeezasport 9 show one J.league match live (or almost live!) every week! This Saturday, Eurosport2 will show 75 minutes of week 4 game between Tosu&Kobe with some delay.
I wish Eurosport would do the right thing, (i.e. Showing Shimizu-Sapporo live) but better than nothing. At least, we can be remain hopeful for next week:)
And still hope that Aljaeerasport9 will do the right thing:)

Amir said...

Another highlights of the games by J-League Youtube Channel

Barry said...

Thanks Amir! That link isn't available in Japan because of licensing issues. But I think most of the rest of the world can see it.