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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Kobe v S-Pulse (Nabisco Cup Preview)

BarryBarry writes:

Place of our first win of the season back in March, it's back to Kobe we head with the goal of securing our spot in the second round of the League Cup. If we can win, and other results go our way, we'll be through.

Okazaki is away with the national team, Nagai and M. Yamamoto are injured, but apart from that it'll probably be much the same team who beat Chiba midweek.

As for those two injuries, Nagai is out for a month, and Masaki is out for six weeks. Neither should impact too much on our starting eleven over the next few games. Nagai is still yet to score, and Masaki has been played ahead of the likes of Edamura, Teru, Paulo, Jungo etc etc, so any one of them can more than ably step in.

OK, time to head of out, as it's a certain contributor's wedding party tonight! Congratulations Fuz and new husband Hiro! All the best for a lifetime of happiness and fun, every other Saturday of which will be spent down Nihondaira. :)