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Saturday, 13 June 2009

FC Tokyo 3-1 S-Pulse (Nabisco Cup)

BarryBarry writes:

FC Tokyo 3-1 S-Pulse
Cabore (6)-- Omae (83)
Ishikawa (61) ---------------
Akamine (73) ---------------

Aoyama sent off (71)

A makeshift team of reserves and players out of position fell 3-1 away to FC Tokyo today. It means we finish in 2nd place in the league cup group B. Omae Genki scored his first goal for the full team, which was good to see.

We progress to the knock out stages and will face Urawa Red Diamonds home and away for a semi final tie against either Nagoya or today's foes, FC Tokyo.

The quarter final ties are to be played as follows:

Leg 1) Urawa v S-Pulse, 7:30pm @ Saitama Stadium, July 15th (Wed)

Leg 2) S-Pulse v Urawa, 7.00pm @ Nihondaira Stadium, July 29th (Wed)

The 2nd leg at home is always a bonus, so lets hope we can put in a good performance in Saitama before bringing it back to 'Daira.

Line Up

GK Nishibe

DF Ichikawa
DF Aoyama
DF Iwashita
DF Kodama

MF Fujimoto
MF Ito
MF Honda
MF Hyodo

FW Edamura
FW Hara

Subs used:

Nagasawa on for Ito (HT)
Omae on for Fujimoto (68)
Ota on for Arata (68)

Links etc

Click here for some official snaps of the game.

I wasn't aware of it until just now (Monday evening), but Hara missed a penalty at some point before Aoyama's red. Here's a video of it for any masochists out there:


Fuz said...

Second leg is the day after my birthday.... and isn't that when the fireworks are this year?

Barry said...

Nihondaira fireworks is July 22nd this year - phew! So that means we get fireworks one week at the Nihondaira Plateau, and then some more at the stadium when we progress to the semi finals. :)

Fuz said...

That's good... this might be the first year that I don't go to the fireworks... but I will try to make the footer!

Futbol Japonés said...

Thank you very much for the video. I'm a spanish fan of j-league and i love shimizu.

I have a question. Shimizu is a independen city or is a ward of Shizuoka??

Saluts since Spain. Escuse me if my english is poor.

Let´s go Shimizu

Barry said...

Good evening, and thanks again for your comment! Your English is great - and much better than my Spanish! :)

Shimizu was an independent city until 2003. In 2003 the two cities of Shimizu and Shizuoka merged to become Shizuoka City.

Now Shizuoka City has three wards: Aoi Ward, Suruga Ward, and Shimizu Ward. Shimizu Ward is the same as the old Shimizu City, with the recent additions of Okitsu Town and Yui Town.

I hope this helps, and lets hope S-Pulse win tomorrow!!

dokool said...

I know it's two weeks later but I figured I should clarify - the missed PK was late in the game, 80-somethingth minute or so. Well after the red card.

Barry said...

Thanks man. I'd read something in Kenta's postmatch comments which seemed to suggest the pk miss had come later, but I just wanted to pretty much forget this game ever happened rather than correct it. :-D