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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Genki's Coming Home!


Omae Genki! (Wow wow!)

Genki Omae has rejoined S-Pulse on a loan deal until the end of May next year. The news has been met with joy by fans. He was always massively popular at Nihondaira, and his reception at the Sendai game demonstrated that sentiment hadn't faded since leaving for Germany.

He's still only 23 so has many years ahead of him to try his hand abroad again, but for now I'm made up to see him back in orange. No doubt Takagi will also be beaming this evening. The two had a fantastic partnership last year and are also good friends.

Welcome back, Genki! Great to have you home. 


William said...

I am so happy to see him back, but also disappointed to see the team let Hayashi goes away. Even though it is short term, but not a good sign, I thought he is the starting goalie of the team. I guess he lost his starting job but still surprise to see him go.

Tichmall said...

Oh my god yes ! Welcome back Genki !