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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fujieda MYFC / Shimizu Impulse? / Signings / Summer Games


Good evening all from a muggy, sticky Shizuoka city. What with Twitter having taken over as my medium of choice for breaking S-Pulse news, this site tends to miss out a bit. So I think it's time for a digest. There's been a few things I've been involved in of late, so here they are in no particular order.

Fujieda MYFC

After my summer visits out to the Citizen Ground, I penned an article on Fujieda MYFC and the issues they may face making their way in the football dense Shizuoka prefecture. It was published on the fantastic In Bed With Maradona, and you can find it here.

Shimizu Impulse?

Another up and coming football site which focuses everywhere but the obvious places in The Inside Left. They had been in touch so it was my pleasure to produce a slightly hefty 2000 words on how this S-Pulse love affair began and the subsequent birth of the UK Ultras. Please check it out. You can find this one here.

Bare Out / Radončić In / Genki?

Old news now of course, but Bare left for China shortly after the Reysol game. Fair play to S-Pulse as we wasted no time in recruiting a replacement. Montenegrin Dženan Radončić started last weekend against Niigata and scored on his début.

In other news, Genki Omae, who left for Germany at the end of the season, was rumoured to be moving back home. Nothing further has been reported, but it certainly whipped up some excitement around the orange corners of the internet.

Summer Games

As a result of travel and other commitments, coverage of the Cerezo Osaka away (Aug 17th) and Urawa Red Diamonds home (Aug 24th) will be minimal, but to make up for it Oita away (Aug 31st) will be not just a match report but a bumper travelogue feature. I'm heading to Kyushu for three days to make the most of it and all being well will arrive back with a full article early the following week.

I Think That's Everything

I think that's everything. Well, we're due a big win and I reckon Shonan are going to be on the end of a spanking this Saturday. Don't stop believing!