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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

FC Tokyo 2-1 S-Pulse (Nab Cup, 1/2 Final, 1st Leg)

Barry Barry writes 

FC Tokyo 2-1 S-Pulse
Kajiyama 35 ------------------- Tokunaga (Own Goal) 23
Lucas 80

Att 10347

Line Up

GK Yamamoto

DF Kawai (78)
DF Hiraoka
DF Jong-a-Pin
DF Lee (75)

MF Sugiyama (92)
MF Muramatsu (40)
MF Hattanada 

FW Omae
FW Takagi
FW Kim (53)

Subs Used

Nabeta on for Takagi (14)
Ishige on for Hattanda (62)
Ito on for Kim (86)


You have got to be joking. A very hard fought, tight and exciting game. A fascinating exchange with enforced changes making teams adapt to new circumstances, but the only thing anyone will remember about the game is this:

The sort of thing you expect from a 10 year old, but when shamelessly employed by a grown man in a professional game, absolutely laughable. Shame on Maruyama for the whole sorry episode, but also shame on referee Yoshimitsu Yoshida for getting so thoroughly mugged.

Murayama single-handedly wrung the honour, spirit and beauty from the game. Any kids who saw that and start diving at school, it's on you Yuichi. Would it be too much to expect an apology from Murayama for his well planned, wretched cheating? I won't hold my breath. A total disgrace.

The whole game has been tainted with the sorry stain of a cheat getting away with murder and smirking about it. I'll tell you one thing, though. We're going to come out like seriously pissed off lions in the second leg. The away goal is huge, a draw would have been a far better (not to mention fair) result, but as odious and vile as that dive was, it ain't gonna change.

Murayama Yuichi, apologise like a man, or forever fuck you. And J. league - time to stand up and do what is right: a Murayama yellow card for simulation and wilfully tricking the referee, and a retraction of Kawai's caution because, as we can all see, he did NOTHING.

We are Shimizu S-Pulse and good will overcome!!!

Just so you know, Toshiyuki was subbed early after his hamstring was playing up. Nothing too serious.


Full highlights. As if it was even needed, the dive is even clearer on a proper video. How the ref, from his angle right behind the challenge, made such a hash of it is anyone's guess. He needs suspension for such a horrific, game changing mistake which happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. We all make mistakes, but that one beggars belief. And look for Nemanja Vučićević appealing for the spot kick. He would have seen clearer than anyone that it was a dive. Soppy sod.


Yujiro said...

clearly offside & the best simulation!! but, no problem we will win 2nd leg.

Barry said...


A draw was fair. I'm still totally disgusted, but we need to channel our anger into the second leg.


Joao said...

As I watched the match, I was unsure as to whether it was a two-legged encounter or not.

I agree with you, Barry, and, unfortunately, the personality trait of deceiving is widespread in football players' characters. It isn't something one usually sees in East Asian leagues, though.

Second leg to be played at Nihondaira?

Barry said...

Yes - the second leg is at Nihondaira. October 13th, kick off 2pm.

I'm still pretty disillusioned, but my anger is slowly turning to motivation to make sure odious little shitbags like Maruyama are shown up for what they are.

And, of course, I need us to win the second leg!

Tichmall said...

We always have difficulties against Tokyo in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup. I don't know why. Still, since I support the club (2005), we didn't win any title, I'd like us to win the Cup this time ! BEAT TOKYO !

Barry said...

Good overcame. ;)