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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Brosque signs for Al-Ain

Barry Barry writes 

As you all know by now, Alex Brosque has signed for Al-Ain in the UAE. You'll be able to find more details on Twitter over the next few days as figures are revealed.

I'll keep it short as I'm off to England, but the money we'll get from this, plus Ono's vast wages and Takahara's similarly high remuneration will mean enough for three or four high quality youngsters. You only have to look at Lee, Hayashi, Jong a Pin and Brosque himself for some of the talent brought in on Ghotbi's watch.

Not to say this isn't a big blow, it is, but it's just one player. We're creating a team that doesn't rely on those who will be leaving in January (or before). The extra money, spent well, brings big opportunities.

OK, better finish packing.