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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ljungberg Walks Out

Barry Barry writes

With apologies. I've been travelling for the last three days and so wasn't able to update the news of Ljungberg's departure. I was able to tweet it, and if you don't already, please follow us at @spulseukultras as that's where we tweet news first.

Anyway, as you probably already know by now, Freddie has walked out with a year left on his contract. Vague reasons including our lack of ACL participation were given as an excuse.

1) We were only ever going to be in the ACL by winning the cup (of which Freddie played 19 minutes in four games).

2) What possible value does the ACL hold for a close-to-retirement former great who is under contract until he is 36?

Wonder who he'll sign for next.


Joao said...

Doesn't make much sense. Why commit then?

Amir/Iran said...

Thanks Barry. I am very far from there, but as far as I've got from here, Freddie didn't play that well, Or was it otherwise?
Could you also explain what happened in the recent match between Shimizu and Seongnam? Was the problem the referee or Korean side or both? And how did the match stop? By agreement or one-side decision?

Barry said...


You're right - it makes no sense why he'd sign for 18 months in the first place.


Freddie did OK, but clearly wasn't 100% in it. A whole lot of money and time for nothing as it turned out.

As for the friendly game that was stopped, I just made a post about it. :)