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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

(GK) Hayashi and (DF) Lee to Sign?

Barry Barry writes

Both Japan U23 goalkeeper Akihiro Hayashi and South Korea U20 defender Lee Ki-Jae have been in Miho training with the team. Hayashi, who has been in Europe since 2009, including a spell at Plymouth Argyle, looks set to sign subject to a medical. As for Lee, he can play as a right side back or in midfield.

Both are likely to feature in Friday's practice game with Takeshi Okada's Hangzhou Nabel Greentown.


shadows said...

Barry> How close are we to getting a striker which Ghotbi wants? any one we are interested in or so?

Barry said...

Not heard any news, so still waiting much like yourself!

shadows said...

One more ques..How do we get tickets for the Nigata game on 26th? 7-11 as usual?