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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Yamamoto to Sapporo / Nagai signs with Yokohama FC

Barry Barry writes

As per the title really. Nagai, who was in danger of not finding a team, has signed with Yokohama FC. A better signing for Yokohama than it is for him, if truth be told. But good luck to him and maybe with his help the ex-Flügels can make a J1 challenge this year.

Rather more surprising was the transfer of Masaki Yamamoto to Consadole Sapporo. He was always a favourite of Kenta, but there's just not been the space for him under the new regime what with Ono, Ljungberg, Edamura, Brosque, Jong a Pin and Sugiyama all ahead of him for most of 2011. Not to mention the returning-from-injury Daigo, and you can see why he may have felt it time for new surroundings. He's been with us since he was in junior high, so thanks for everything and good luck, Masaki!


Amir said...

Hi Barry,

You wrote before that Ono wanted to go to another J League team, did the transfer cancel? I was worried about it:)

Barry said...

Oh, maybe I forgot to post about it - sorry! I probably only tweeted. This time of year was so busy! :-S

Anyway, Ono is staying! :) He signed a contract extension.

shadows said...

apparently we've signed some north korean midfielder from Oita :O When will we get the target man which Ghotbi was talking about :P

Amir/Iran said...

Could you please tell me about Afshin Ghotbi's contract with Shimizu? Here some people say that this is a three-year contract, but last year, Afshin's official website anounced that the contract was for one year. Which one is correct?
And I also expect Shimizi get a skillful target man:)

Barry said...


From what I've read, the new midfielder (who has been playing defence for OIta) doesn't count as a foreigner, so we still have a spot free for that new signing! Fingers crossed, eh.


I'm pretty sure he was signed on a two year contract. Need to double check that, but it certainly wasn't a one year deal. :)