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Saturday, 14 January 2012

One Team, One Mission - Opening Two Weeks Fixture

Barry Barry writes

Time for a round up. Been a bit busy finishing off the book, but while I have a few minutes. Our new slogan this year is One Team, One Mission. Our best one yet, and I bet Mr Ghotbi had a hand in it.

Other news, the opening two weeks fixtures were leaked this week. They will probably be:

Week 1) Away to Nagoya March 10th
Week 2) Home to Hiroshima March March 17th

Being Nagoya's opening weekend, it more than likely be played at the stunning Toyota Stadium. Worlds away from the dump that is Mizuho (no offence, Nagoya, but for supporters Mizuho is crap and you know it), we'll probably take a few thousand and I can't wait.

After that, home to Hiroshima.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barry!
I think I read about some Asia Cup to take place in the end of this month and that Shimizu S-Pulse will participate. Do you know any details? And when do they get together again for pre-season training? / Arsenal Supporter (very happy for the time being after Henry's successful comeback)

shadows said...

damn thats too long a wait/...but ya Nagoya is a good start..lemme see if i can make it :)

shadows said...

wow Now Ota Kosuke is sold as well? Barry, any idea why so much sell off is happening this year as well?