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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Kashima lose again - S-Pulse top

BarryBarry writes:
Well, well, well.

Kashima lose 1-0 at home to Albirex Niigata and our first place position remains intact. The Antlers, who were ten points clear not so long ago, are now second. We have the same number of points, but their goal difference has taken a hammering over their recent shockingly bad run. Out of their last seven, they've lost six.
All over
Should have stayed at S-Pulse, mate
Wondering where their ten point lead went

The remaining 16 minutes of the abandoned Kashima vs Kawasaki game will take place on Wednesday, and if Kawasaki can hold onto their 3-1 lead Kashima will have lost eight - twice as many as us. It's going to be an interesting last six games!


z3phyr said...

s-pulse for the title!

Falc said...

Go! Go! Go!

Supporting from Spain since 2006.

Barry said...

It's great to hear from other S-Pulse fans all around the world!