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Saturday, 18 July 2009

S-Pulse v Kashima (Preview)

BarryBarry writes:

There were less than 1000 tickets left for this one as of yesterday afternoon, so it looks ike a bumper crowd down 'Daira this evening. Kashima, as you might expect, are the team to beat this year. They've lost only once all season, and that was way back in week two. Since then, they've won twelve and drawn three as they've strode relentlessly towards a third stright title.

Well, they may be eight points clear at the top with a goal difference better than anyone else, but we're only half way through the season, and as we all know, S-Pulse only seem to perform in the second half of the year. The majority of those wins have been by a slim one goal margin, and we're unbeaten at home in the league for over a year, not to mention we sent them packing last year, so bring it on!

Well, anyway, I should start thinking about getting down 'Daira. I'm updating from an internet cafe on account of my ten month old Sony Vaio dieing this week. Estimated fix time: three weeks. It would probably be be quicker to build my own computer out of used cereal boxes and sticky back plastic, but seeing as it's still in warranty, I'll let the bods at Sony repair their faulty goods. Until then, updates may be sporadic, so bare with us!

Right, I'm off down Nihondaira for some fun under the floodlights. Laters.