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Friday, 27 March 2009

The Prodigy vs Shimizu S-Pulse

One the Shinkansen to Nagoya last Sunday, I was listening to the new Prodigy album. The title track struck me instantly as one that might make a good backing track to a goal compilation video. So I made one. :) It's a tribute not just to the team, but also to our legions of supporters - the best in the league!


Making this video reaffirmed to me just how talented our Hara is, and also how important Kazuki is to us as team. I'm looking forward to making another video at the end of this season with many more of his cracking goals and assists in it.

While I'm here, I have to show you this goal line clearance from last week. In the Gamba vs Kyoto game, Kyoto defender Mizumoto pulls a miracle stop out the bag to help ensure Sanga hold on for all three points:

Blimey! :)