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Friday, 21 November 2008

Welcome to The Outsourcing Stadium Nihondaira?

Well, whatever it was going to be, it was always going to be awful! As previously reported, 'Daira's name was up for sale, and today a four year naming rights deal was announced. The new name for Nihondaira is the cringe-inducingly uncool Outsourcing Stadium Nihondaira. The winning company is Out Sourcing Inc, but just what they do is something you'll have to figure out for yourself, as I have no idea.

The deal is set to run for four years, and is worth a cool 360 million yen. That equates to over £2.5 million or just shy of US$ 3.8 million. This a pretty hefty cash injection so I'm hoping we see a decent investment in talent on the pitch, whether it be through the already more than healthy youth system, or through (Kenta sanctioned) signings.

Outsourcing Stadium Nihondaira!

The reaction on one S-Pulse message board was a mixture of gratitude and disappointment. Gratitude to the company concerned for the huge investment, but disappointment at what is a pretty lame and generic moniker for a such a unique stadium. Personally I'm awaiting the endless puns and jokes on the name which are sure to follow!

The mountain range which divides Shizuoka and Shimizu, and which gives the stadium it's name, will never have it's name sold. As such, the football ground which sits in Nihondaira's foothills will for the vast majority of us be forever known as just that - Nihondaira Stadium, as it's been called since it was built in 1991.

An abbreviated and more palatable version of Outsourcing Stadium Nihondaira (it's a pain even to type!) is already being discussed. A forerunner for that honour is The Austa, which doesn't sound all that bad I suppose... If you really can't stand the name, tune in again in 2012 as the name will be up for sale once more! Best start saving!


TK said...

i for one was hoping a certain bar would win and it became the Our Boozer Arena or something equally as tasteful...

Shizuoka Dolphin said...

A free match ticket after filling up your stamp card - sounds good to me!