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Friday, 24 October 2008

英語の王者の旗! S-Pulse's Theme Song in English!

王者の旗。Oja no Hata. Now Available in English!

It's the song you've heard each time S-Pulse complete another home victory. It's the song to which everyone raises their scarves and then belts out around Nihondaira. It the last thing most opponents hear as they start to think about the long, pointless journey home. And it's the song where, if you're like me, you hum along with the versus before singing the chorus twice as loud as the person next to you to make up for not knowing the words!

Well feel left out no more, for help is here! I have just completed transliterating the lyrics into the English alphabet so you can sing along with ease, but not only that, I've also translated the song into English so you can understand exactly what you're singing about!

A full transliteration can be found here, along with the English version here. Have a look, let me know what you think, but most importantly, next time we win, blast it out with all your heart!