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Monday, 28 April 2008

Match preview: Panchira Reysol v S-Pa

A Reysol hero, yesterday

Panchira Reysol v S-Pa
Tuesday, April 29th, k.o. 2pm
Kashiwa no Ha Park Stadium

Before we can fully concentrate on the Derby this Satdi, there's the minor distraction on Tuesday of a trip to Chiba. I've thus far only ever ventured into Chiba Land for airports, summer music festivals and Disney fun. This won't change tomorrow, sadly, with plans already long in place to spend the national holiday doing non-football related stuff. Real life, eh? Who needs it? The game will be taken in at S-Pulse's own mini-cinema, Dream House in Shimizu. Here's hoping we can dream up our second Chiba prefecture away win of the season!

Most regrettable is missing out on the chance to throw womens pants onto the pitch as the Yellows emerge from the tunnel. If ever a team deserved stick, if ever there was a perfect reason to rip on a club, having one of your star players arrested for stealing women's knickers is near perfection. Lets hope the traveling masses find a way to remind Reysol they'd been harbouring a known knicker-nabber. :) His defence so far? "It was seven years ago. I can't remember doing it." Maybe S. Hussein should have tried that one when tried for war crimes committed back in the 90s: "Yeah, that was like ages ago. I can't remember doing it, so you're probably best off just letting me go and that." :-D

Meanwhile, ticket news for the main event this Satdi:

SS指定席: 完売
S指定席: 完売
Aゾーン: 完売
1F自由席: 831
2F自由席: 2,584

For those of you who don't read Japanese, it basically says if you don't have your ticket but plan on going, vast sections are already sold out, so get your arse into gear. S-Pulse have again wisely chosen to stage the game at Nihondaira, with another rip-roaring atmosphere guaranteed much like last year. Gates open at 1pm for the one game we simply cannot afford to lose. Get there early. Get wasted in the sunshine. Get lairy at the ref. Get the J****o fans riled by signing their victory song as we beat them. And get happy after a third derby win on the spin making the The Kop bounce around with more sideways victory conga dancing. :)


Fuz said...

I do love the sideways conga!

If I was going tomorrow I would be making a giant panty flag to wave... shame about that!