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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Kashiwa's only victory yesterday

Hey, you won!

Hooliganism in the J. League? You've got to hand it to Kashiwa Reysol fans; attacking en masse a lone S-Pulse scarfer, beating him to the ground and knocking seven shades of shit out of him - they give the word scum new meaning. Makes you wonder why they stop at scarfers? There are plenty of kids who go to games - and girls too! Even easier targets than a 22 year old bloke on his way back to the station. Nobody's naive enough to think hooliganism doesn't exist. Even in Japan it's part of the game to small degree - but Jesus, Kashiwa - wait till you play Antlers or Urawa, start attacking their most vulnerable fans and see how far you get. Got a funny feeling that's not something I'll ever be reading about... It would also have been nice if the local police hadn't been as use as a chocolate teapot. Shame on you Kashiwa "police" - you proved yourself to be worthless.