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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hi J2, Nice to Meet You! (S-Pulse 0-0 Ehime)


4 subscribers? Hell yeah, I'm a YouTuber now.

With thanks for all the feedback. Very much appreciated. This little project was decided upon almost as I walking to the shuttle bus, so for something so off the cuff, I think it turned out OK.

Following encouraging comments, a follow up for the Matsumoto home game on March 13th in now in pre-production (ie: I'm thinking about buying a selfie stick). These won't happen every week, or even every home game, but they might be a fun way to document the year instead of just writing about it.

If you actually want to see the game instead of me waffling on half cut, here you go:


Tichmall said...

Is it me, or Ehime FC really didn't have a chance in the whole game ?

Nerdy said...

http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Retro-SHIMIZU-S-PULSE-93-94-Away-Football-Shirt-L-J-League-Soccer-Jersey-/222031551718?nav=SEARCH Hi Barry, It's Nick from Tokyo Nerdy.... I remember you writing AGES ago about this kit. It's yours for 65 sheets plus shipping on EBay. Truly vile. Welcome to J2.