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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Omiya Ardija 2-1 S-Pulse


Omiya Ardija 2-1 S-Pulse
Zlatan 9 ----------------------------------- Honda 50
Ienaga 73

Att 11684
NACK5 Stadium, Saitama city

Line Up

GK Kushibiki
DF Bueno, Hiraoka, Miura G, Kawai
MF Ishige, Honda, Musaka, Musaka
FW Omae, Novakovic

Subs Used

Takagi T on for Mizutani (67)
KiJe on for Kawai (76)
Kaneko on for Ishige (84)


The seventh defeat since Ghobti was fired, inevitably we're now sitting in the relegation zone. I could reel off some of the increasingly long list of horrendous stats our new boss is racking up, but what's the point? The club are happy enough it would seem. 

Cerezo at home on Sunday., and with just eight games to go, it's do or die. Make no mistake, we are definitely going to get relegated unless something major is done.


The goals. Honda's one is something special. Omiya's second, on the other hand... Jesus wept.