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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cerezo vs Shimizu - Aisha's perspective

FuzFuz writes:

I don't get to many games these days. Its not for lack of interest, but living in Osaka means I don't have the pleasure of watching S-Pulse very often. Add to that a full time job, a cheeky four year old and a university course in my free (haha) time, and its just another thing I wish I could do more often. Last year when we played Cerezo I was bullied by a then three year old into going to Disneyland instead.

Anyways, it was a year and a half since my last game and I almost wish it still was, after yesterday. We didn't just lose, 4-1 is a proper drubbing.  Based on that, I decided after consulting with Barry to report the game from the four year old's perspective, because she had a great time and has been singing S-Pulse songs non-stop ever since.

From the moment I told her where we were going for the day, it was all about Pal-chan. She ran to get the ears, and would have taken her stuffed Pal and Pikal if I had let her. Despite Cerezo's Robbie sympathizing with the S-Pulse support as we cannot attend next weeks match at Urawa, he did not cut the mustard with Aisha. Nor did his female counterpart as she rode around on her bicycle. "But where's Pal-chan, Mummy? I want to see him!"

It was almost her first game ever, and to be honest, I expected her to be bored silly and distract me from the game. But NO! She asked good questions, and started to understand, even yelling out a "YES!!!" followed by a disappointed "oh, no" as the Cerezo keeper punched away what had looked like a promising on-target attempt.  She got angry with events leading up to our penalty -" that pink man is MEAN." and yelled "go go go" when we were on the attack. 

She wasn't impressed that we didn't win. But apparently we will the next time, and she is definitely interested in going to more games. I plan to get her to Nihondaira as soon as possible - shame there isn't a derby to go to this year. In the meantime, orange has replaced pink as her favourite colour, and that is no mean feat.

To sum it up : "I like S-Pulse Mummy. Shimizu is the best!"


Amir said...

S-Pulse can't let Aisha down! Go S-Pulse!

Tichmall said...

D'aaaw. It seems we got a new ultra !

Hey, too bad this box doesn't exist, she could have played at home with her favorite orange players :