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Monday, 14 January 2013

Opening Week Omiya (A) & Ins and Outs & Camp

Barry Barry writes

Afternoon all! The season may be over, but there's been plenty of activity off the pitch the last few days. Here's a quick round up.

Opening Week

Firstly, our season will start away to Omiya on March 2nd after the opening fixtures were leaked last week. Kick off time is set to be confirmed along with the second week's fixtures on the 22nd. The full fixtures are expected at 5pm, Friday 1st February. Why they can't manage to do it all in one go is anyone's guess.

Anyway, as soon as the fixtures are out I'll get them up here. Or more likely, I'll initially make them known on Twitter. (@spulseukultras) The UKU are planning a pre-season meeting the night of the 1st to plan away days for 2013, so a full list on here may be the next day or so. Oita looking like fun, and maybe a Tosu in there too? Can't wait.

Ins and Outs

In addition to earlier transfer news, there's been a few incomings and outgoings over the last few days. In summary:


GK Takeda - to Cerezo Osaka
FW Takahara to Tokyo Verdy
DF Iwashita to G. Osaka
FW Nagasawa to Matsumoto on loan (has been on loan for the last two years at Kumamoto & Kyoto)
MF Kang to Kyoto on loan


DF Hiroi - back from loan at Kumamoto
MF Takeuchi - back from loan at Kitakyushu
DF Okane - back from loan at Yamagata 
MF Tachibana - back from loan at Matsumoto
MF/DF Lee Min-Soo - back from loan at Shonan
FW Higuchi - back from loan at FC Gifu
GK Toshiyasu Takahara - signed from Sapporo 

Training Camp

One last thing, out annual Kagoshima training camp will commence on February 2nd until the 11th. We'll face the following teams while there:

5th Ilhwa Chunma
8th FC Seoul
9th tbc
10th Matsumoto Yamaga


Justin Justin.C said...

Any idea if this new takahara is any good? How much did he cost too?

Barry said...

He was free as far as I can tell, but aside from that I know very little about him.

Checking out his stats, he wasn't an ever present for Sapporo last season, making only ten appearances. I don't see him as competition for Hayashi, but as a solid back up option.