Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Kit for 2013 Revealed!

Barry Barry writes

As previously tweeted, our new kit has been unveiled. Click here for the full information and graphics, or here for the promo picture.

It signals a departure from the classic all orange kits we've sported until now, with black shorts and a black arm. The breaking up of the orange gives it a more serious edge if you ask me, and I'm a fan. The world map design is retained, which is of course a good thing. My girlfriend, rather bizarrely, commented that the home shirt reminded her of a dog(!!!). Not really sure what she was getting at there.

Maybe the biggest change is that the away kit is now a striking shade of azure. For twenty years, there was an apparent consensus amongst all J1 teams that away kits must be white. This is wrong on so many levels, and I'm glad we've bucked that trend. None of that wishy, washy sky coloured cyan malarkey you understand. It's a strong, solid shade of blue. Looks pretty smart too.

If you fancy one you better dig out the old piggy bank. With a name and a number you'll be set back over 17000 yen. That's a cool £133 sterling. With most Premier League shirts going for under fifty notes, it's really hard to see how they can justify it, but if people will spend it... Think I'll put my 17000 yen towards an away day to Kyoto next season.


Tichmall said...

Well, I have a tradition of getting the home shirt every year (I just don't have the 2007 one, because it was too much of a shock to get rid of the world map design...). I preordered it last year, with my name, because it was our 20th birthday, but this time I will just get the blank shirt. I mean, the number font isn't even that appealing, that Puma rubber tape... So it will "only" be 13440 for me I guess. It's not like I can go to the games, after all ! :p

I'd like to see the club getting its own number font, as it was the case before 2007. For exemple, Iw*** never had to sport Puma's generic numbers.

Barry said...

Fair play if that's a collection you have to keep going! I bought the 2008 one with the weird mesh type material.

It's not held up very well and has gone bobbly in parts. Not very good value for the 13000 I spent on it.

Tichmall said...

I wore the 2008 shirt a lot of times, it doesn't have any problem fortunately. The 2010 model is way worst, the cut is not very good, it looks like a square, the material is very shiny and fragile, and I feel that the sponsors might fall off if I wash it some more. I think it's my least favorite.

If I were to find a 2007 one cheap, I would have all the home shirts the club used since 1992, but i'm not really searching it at the moment. I'm thinking about framing some, as I don't wear them all because of their well-known fragility, regarding the sponsors... I'll send you a picture when it'll be done. ;)

Barry said...

Cool! A picture of all the shirts lined up would be brilliant. Especially with yourself in the shot. Our readers would be so happy to see an S-Pulse fan overseas with such passion for the team. A picture is a must!!

As for my 2008 shirt, the sponsor is OK, but the pumas on the shoulders are peeling off. It's not like I even wore it that much. Poor value for (a lot of) money.