Monday, 18 June 2012

J. Soccer Magazine - On Sale Nationwide!

Barry Barry writes

The brainchild of Alan Gibson (read all about the man himself here) J. Soccer Magazine has gone nationwide - by which I mean the 'zine previously only available to order online is now on sale in a book shop (in Japan) near you. Congratulations!
 J. Soccer nestling amongst other football magazines in Yajimaya, Shizuoka

The magazine is the first on the shelves fully bilingual and with the lion's share of writers from overseas. This gives it a unique perspective on football in Japan. And that's all aspects of football covered; not just the J. League. If you've yet to have the pleasure (the first three issues are available online alongside the new issue 4, here) then what are you waiting for?

As if you need any more reason to snap one up, yours truly has an article on (you guessed it) Japanese stadia covering four full colour, bilingual pages.
Several gratuitous S-Pulse mentions shoehorned in :)

Coming in the next issue is an S-Pulse extravaganza with extended features and an interview with our boss, but why wait until issue 5? Join the party today!

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