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Saturday, 12 May 2012

S-Pulse 1-1 Cerezo Osaka

Barry Barry writes

S-Pulse 1-1 Cerezo Osaka 
Brosque 96 ---------------- Kakitani 15

Att 15891

Line Up

GK Hayashi

DF Yoshida
DF Iwashita (74)
DF Hiraoka
DF Lee

MF Muramatsu
MF Brosque
MF Kawai

FW Omae
FW Ito
FW Takagi

Subs used

Takahara on for Takagi (55)
Kobayashi on for Omae (63)
Franca on for Yoshida (78)

Report - It ain't over till it's over

"Jammy bastards!" Came the email from my Jubilo supporting brother (who only chose Iwata to wind me up). He was following the game online back in England, just ready to rub it in when we lost. But sorry for him, there were absolutely BALMY scenes behind the goal as Brosque poked in the easiest goal of his career on 95:50. It dramatically levelled the score on a day which looked like we were never going to hit the target.

We equalised with the very last kick of the game. Five minutes had gone up as stoppage time, but the game didn't restart until over a minute into that because their keeper had required extended treatment. He also limped off as we tried to take a corner, and Kempes strolled off at a leisurely pace when substituted on 93m, both of which required additional time on the additional time.

It was one of those games. A bad day at the office with more misjudged passes than I care to remember, an opening goal gifted to the opposition, and a general air of frustration which crept in more and more as the game went on. Omae and Takagi were struggling to make an impact and were both replaced early in the second half. With the experienced Takahara and Kobayashi on things slowly turned around, and the last 15 minutes we finally started to get the bit between our teeth.

Time was running out though, and things became more and more frantic. We created one or two genuine chances, but couldn't hit the target, and the growing sense of futility around the stands was palpable. But! The very last cross was swung in, Brosque didn't connect well and the keeper was all set to pounce. Muramatsu had the same idea but before he could reach the ball, he was taken out from behind by Kim Song-Gi. Both collided with the keeper, the ball spilt and Alex was on hand to nudge it home. Cue an explosion of relief on the terraces, and the final whistle.

Not a great performance, but a point won in the most unlikely of circumstances, and that, dare I say it, is the mark of a team which is going places. Far from being just jammy bastards as my big bro insisted, it was pure determination and unwillingness to give up which made sure we didn't end this game empty handed. It maintains our unbeaten home record, and keeps us just two points off top spot.

Next up is Kobe away midweek in the cup, so expect to see the kids given a run out as we try to carry on our winning run in the group stage. Then on Saturday it's away in Saitama to an Urawa team who also played out a 1-1 draw today.

Never a dull moment as an S-Pulse fan, and today was another ending to a game never to forget. Night night!


Hiraoka (3) in for the suspended Jong a Pin
Shimizu Oz-Pulse
Goal hero Alex Brosque
One for the Gamba fans


Alex's late, late equaliser. The noise when Brosque poked it in is something incredible. Also got to love the players' literal jumping for joy - especially Sho. :)

In great slow motion, an effort off the line, and then our goal.

Both goals and an interview with Brosque. A rare mistake from Hayashi saw Cerezo take the lead.


João said...

An half an hour of relentlessness. A point was ok considering the circumstances but S-p could have been top today (Or couldn't they? Is it Goal Difference or head-to-head, J-league's differentiation criteria?)

Ono was sorely missed both in keeping the midfield tidy and in creating chances. Rested?

Anyway, and more importantly, Sho's jump was so 70's.

Amir/Iran said...

As far as know, in J-League goal difference matters, so if we had won, we would have been second yet, but surely, a win is better than a draw:)
I'm totally agreed with you that considering the circumstances the draw at last second is really valuable, especially emotionally!

shadows said...

yet another struggle against Cerezo...dont know why we struggle so much against them!!! anyways as you mentioned, its a good point earned considering the circumstances..Why was Takagi and Genki taken out so soon?Injury? or poor game?

Barry said...


As Amir says, it's goal difference in the J. League, so we'd still have been second regardless. Hiroshima lost, so we're four clear of third for now, which is nice. As for Ono, I heard he's injured, although don't remember reading anything on the official site. I guess that means it isn't too serious.

Kawai was pretty good in his place, but it was just an all round bad performance. Ghotbi's comments on his official site say it all! http://www.afshinghotbi.com/en/article/?q_id=2607


Very valuable emotionally and mentally. Staying undefeated at home is huge. Listening to Brosque's comments after the game, the players know they let themselves down. We can expect a better performance next week, I think! Urawa are nothing special so we have to be looking for a win on Saturday.

Barry said...


If we are Sendai's bogey team, then Cerezo seem to be ours!

Omae and Takagi were pretty anonymous yesterday, which prompted the change. Ghotbi explains it pretty well on his website.

Think it was just one of those games. Important thing is we bounce back next week!

Barry said...

And yes, João, it really was a quite brilliant leap by Sho! If I knew how I'd make an animated GIF of it. :)