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Saturday, 2 April 2011

2011 Nabisco Cup - New Format

BarryBarry writes:

Not unexpectedly, the Nabisco Cup has been forced into some changes after the six week lay off. The new format can be seen in full here.

S-Pulse will start with a two legged tie with Kofu to be played on June 5th and July 27th. If we win it's another two legged game against Niigata.


Neil Mullens said...

Hey Barry. Just found your site! Went to see the 'practice' game against Purple Sanga on Saturday. If that was anything to go by, it's going to be a long, hard season! Takahara definitely looks like his best days are way, way behind him. And the crowd was getting on Itoh's back for almost the entire game, which probably didn't do his confidence much good. Nevertheless, will hopefully get to a few more games this season, although I don't think I'm 'ard enuff to mix it with the Ultras!

Barry said...

Hi Neil,

Welcome to the site - glad you found it. :) Yeah, the preseason has been a bit underwhelming so far hasn't it! I'll be heading up on Saturday for the derby game,which will hopefully be a better performance. And if nothing else it will be Takahara's time to show if he has still got it or not.

Anytime you're up Nihondaira I'm always centre behind the goal, second tier. Come over for a beer!