Sunday, 29 November 2009

Yokohama Flügels M. 2-0 S-Pulse

BarryBarry writes:

Yokohama Flügels M. 2-0 S-Pulse
Ogura 75
Kurihara 92

Att: 30985

Line Up

GK Nishibe

DF Ichikawa
DF Iwashita
DF Arata
DF Ota

MF Honda
MF M. Yamamoto
MF Fujimoto
MF Hyodo

FW Okazaki
FW Nagasawa

Subs Used

Johnsen on for Nagasawa (63)
Edamura on for Fujimoto (73)
Hara on for M. Yamamoto (80)


Oh, my days. Nagasawa starting up front ahead of Nagai, Johnsen, Omae, Hara? WHAT??? Nishibe holding his place in goal over Kaito? WHAT??? And, lo. He gets beaten by two speculative long range efforts to put the icing on the cake. The cake had up till then been comprised of some really nice passing play and positive forward movement from ourselves, but why we had Nagasawa partnering Okazaki I will never know. He was subbed off just after the hour for Johnsen, by which point most the game was already played and Yokohama were getting their claws in.

So glad we're still in the cup, but for the love of all things holy Kenta, please stop making knee-jerk selection changes. Johnsen being injured for a week should not then mean his place is therefore lost to 21 year old rookie. Sorry, I can't type any more. Too angry / bemused / disappointed.

Roll on December 12th - Emperor's Cup v Niigata. :)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha gonna win nothing

William said...

With this kind of performance lately, we will not win the emperor cup unless they know how to put the ball in the net. Terrible ending of this season.

Barry said...


You know your blog has arrived on the world stage when you get anonymous clowns leaving messages. :)

Thing is, we're in the cup 1/4 final, so your message is probably better aimed at some complete failures like Jubilo / Kashiwa / Urawa / Chiba etc etc


Chin up, fella! Sunday wasn't an all round bad performances, but the choice to start with Nagasawa up front was a bizarre one to say the least. It's pretty safe to say we'll be back with Johnsen and Okazaki leading the charge for the cup match with Niigata. :)

Anonymous said...

I like to think I am full of irrational hate rather than a clown.

The Surge said...

You couldn't beat a franchise!

Barry said...

What kind of a meaningless thing to say is that?

If you mean Yokohama are an ex-company team, so are just about every team in J1 (except S-Pulse that is who were independently founded and not bankrolled by some huge parent corporation).

If you have a beef with Marinos cos of the merger, well that happened nearly a decade ago and they've won two J. League titles since then. :-D