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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Emperor's Cup FInal Tickets On Sale Now!

Never mind that nobody has the slightest idea who is going to be in it, tickets are on sale and going fast for the Emperor's Cup final!

The Kokuritsu (National Stadium) Full to Bursting for the Nabisco Final

What with S-Pulse in the quarter finals, and closing out the season in good form, it may well be worth getting your hands on a ticket or two. Even in the worse case scenario of us getting knocked out in the next game, when the two finalists are decided on December 29th, you can rest assured there will be a mad scramble for tickets. That being the case, even if you don't fancy the day out in Tokyo, you will no doubt be able to sell them on to someone else.

Without fail, the Emperor's Cup final on New Year's Day attracts a full house to Tokyo's National Stadium. With several well supported and trophy-hungry clubs such as Nagoya, Marinos and our very own S-Pulse still in the fray, (not to mention FC Tokyo for who it's as good as a home game!) you can bet that this year will be no different.

Well, full details on getting hold of a ticket can be found in Japanese here, but otherwise all you need to know is that tickets are on sale from the usual machines in 7/11, Lawson, Family Mart etc, so any staff of said shops will be able to see you right if you have any problems. All we need now is for S-Pulse to make their second cup final of the year! That's not asking too much, surely?! ^^y